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Missing Friday 9/5/08 - Lackawanna, NY - Etidal Abdullah - please help!

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we have heard the news reports, that she has since called the lakawanna police dept. and notified them that she is fine, and that she doesnt want to be found. I pray to god that she doesnt dishonor her family. and i aso pray for her return.


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 in response to KathrynK...   

According to the latest news, a person claiming to be Etidal has called the police and told them to stop looking for her. The family has heard the tape and said that it was Etidal. However, the police are not ruling out that she may have made the call under duress. They are keeping the investigation open as a missing person, until she proves to them in person, that she is unharmed.

 In answer to your questions, yes the police have viewed the footage from the security cameras, which only show her leaving the store - nothing more.  Additionally, family and friends have been circulating flyers around the city.

 I have been trying to circulate the information online where they may have missed - myspace, live journal, etc..But they have everything pretty much covered. (craigs list, you tube...) Actually, I have never seen such a thorough canvassing  by a local community ( online and local) before in my life. It is amazing to see so many people work together toward a common goal. I think there are about 8-10 pages on google, of sites searching for this young woman. 

I, too pray for her safe return. And I want to thank everyone for their help and prayers. I hope that no harm has come to this beautiful young woman and she returns home safely, soon. Or at the very least, contacts her family directly, to alleviate their fears. 

Thank you.  

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God Bless the family of Etidal Abdullah. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Are there video cameras in the Sav-A-Lot store or parking lot? Have the police looked at the video footage?

Have you handed out flyers in the Sav-A-LOt parking lot or anywhere else that Etidal might go.

We will pray for Etidal quick return to her family. 




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Sometimes I believe this is a horrible world in which we all have to live!!    I hope this beautiful young lady if found safe and sound!!   God bless, and my prayers are with her and her family!!

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Prayers being said for the safe and swift return of this young woman to her family.

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